Star World International Engineering Contract

Star World International is the company, Cross the threshold in piping construction industry which focused on providing high value-added services to meet the civil-mechanical needs of the process in piping construction industries. We are the company initiated and establishing with rich experience Engineering Professionals and We have engaged with Good engineering intelligence from the same industry .Star World International has well experienced Human Resource in Piping & Structural Fabrication and Equipment Installation involved in execution of several projects in the Middle East and in India. The company has a highly experienced and qualified professional team of engineers which includes technical staff, senior project managers, qualified engineers, quantity surveyors and certified welders.

Star world international’s strength is founded on strong "project partnerships" with proven management systems and procedures embracing occupational health & safety, Human resources management, industrial relations, training & administration, ensuring a level of systematic reliability to remain at the forefront of our industry.

In line with this Total Quality Commitment the company has in-house Quality Assurance Systems to monitor and control all aspects of our work including materials, welding standards, pipework assembly, testing and commissioning

Due to the nature of the work undertaken the company has very highStandard and guidelines of Safety Management and HSE Systems. We also conduct tail gate safety meeting each day before work starts , We promise our employees for better and safety work environment.

Our vision

Our vision is to become the Global leader in the piping construction of Power plants, Chemical Process Plant, Refineries, Petro – Chemical Plants, Cross country pipeline. And the future, strong management, technological advancement and astute planning will assure Star World International continued growth in high quality manufacturing and multi-disciplinary pipeline construction services to India and the world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to satisfy our customer’s requirements through conformity by utilizing proven process techniques that allow for the efficient execution of projects meeting the time, cost and quality requirements of our Clients with a commitment to continual improvement in quality.

This commitment to maintain customer satisfaction shall be exercised through the control of all activities allowing for the economic use of resources and minimizing the possibility of non-conformity which will be achieved with the support of our highly experienced and qualified management and technical teams.

Our specialization
  • Piping Fabrication and Installation
  • Pipe Support Fabrication and Installation
  • Equipment Installation (Static & Rotary)
  • Insulation Works (Hot & Cold)
  • Pigging Works
  • Hot Tapping

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